Corporate workshops

Bayesian inference unlocks powerful modeling techniques allowing you to solve challenging applied business problems, like:

  • temporal predictions,
  • supply chain decision making,
  • media mix modeling, or
  • customer lifetime value estimation.

Industry is increasingly turning to Bayesian methods to solve practical business problems. But it’s principles are often not taught in classical curricula, leaving many data scientists in the dark.

To that end, we at PyMC Labs developed a workshop series that will help your team harness the power of Bayesian statistical modeling, using Python and PyMC. PyMC is a powerful and popular package that allows data scientists to easily create models to solve real-world business problems which can be used in the context of both experimentation as well as production settings.

As creators of PyMC, we are uniquely positioned to help your team up-skill for the future of data science problems. Who better to learn PyMC from than the people who invented it?

The workshops

  • This hands-on course focuses on teams of software engineers, data analysts, and data scientists who want to learn Bayesian modeling with PyMC. By the end, your team will be able to build their own models to solve advanced analytical problems. The focus will be on code, application, and intuitions, rather than impractical theory.
  • The course will be taught by two expert Bayesian modelers and PyMC core developers with extensive teaching experience. Having two instructors present will ensure that all questions will get answered and the necessary help be provided during lectures. The instructors will also dedicate a Q&A session to students, and attendees will get to present their own project at the end of the course.
  • Classes will be held remotely via a virtual conference solution to provide maximum flexibility at a time convenient for course participants. Recordings will be made available for course participants who miss a session.
  • Course materials in the form of Jupyter Notebooks and homework assignments will be made available via GitHub. In addition, a chat room is available for students to ask questions as they come up.
  • Workshops typically consist of 2 x 3hour sessions a week, over 3 weeks.

What students are saying

We regularly teach this workshop in various companies and got great feedback along the way:

This course makes Bayesian analysis really accessible. I struggled with understanding books about Bayesian statistics, but being guided by the experts made a huge difference. There were many of the "click" moments and Bayesian statistics started making sense to me.

Loved the course. Very engaging and thorough. I also liked how there were space for questions and all of them were answered in a discussion format. Thank you!

Very interesting and thorough workshops, with great detailed notebooks that we should be able to leverage in real world applications.

Really liked it, definitely learned a lot and put some lights into Bayesian concepts I was using but not fully understanding. Also definitely raised curiosity around the usage of Bayesian framework on the projects I will work on in the future so thank you!

Curious to learn more?

Alongside our regular consulting work, we try to find time to fit in a few workshop sessions a year.

We offer workshops at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We are happy to chat about what might be the best fit to your team, and we are happy to modify our workshop materials to emphasise particular areas of interest.

If what we offer looks like a good fit for your team, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.